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        Minister E Jingping Visited Denmark and Israel

        來源:MWR Website 時間:2019年01月04日
        Under the invitation of Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark Ministry of Economics and Industry of Israel, the delegation led by Minster E Jingping visited Denmark and Israel in December 2018.

        During the visit to Denmark, an extensive and profound exchange was conducted between Minister E Jingping and Minister for the environment and food, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, in relation to concepts and practices for water resources management and cooperation between the two countries. The two parties reviewed the pragmatic exchange activities over the past two months, and reached consensus on deepening and expanding Sino-Denmark cooperation. E Jingping pointed out that under the framework of Sino-Denmark Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, the water sector of two countries have established a long-term, friendly and constructive cooperation framework. The Ministry of Water Resources of China shall continue to deepen the strategic cooperation with EU partners in the water industry under the China-EU water resource exchange platform, carry out in-depth exchanges on advanced concepts, systems, and technologies in aspects of water resource management, groundwater management, rational exploitation and efficient utilization of water resources, and further promote the pragmatic cooperation of projects. In addition, two sides reached the consensus for organization of seminars, smart water cooperation, and enhancing commercial interaction or communication.

        During the visit to Israel, E Jingping had a fruitful exchange with Eli Cohen, Minister of Ministry of Economics and Industry of Israel. He pointed out that China has been accelerating the construction of an innovation-oriented country, which aims to boost innovation in aspects of systems, mechanisms, and technologies, so as to realize rational development and efficient utilization of water resources, in order to support sustainable economic and social development. Eli Cohen said that Israeli attaches great importance to water resource management with valuable experiences and practices and technology development in the fields of water development, water recycling and conservation in irrigated water use. The two sides shall depend cooperation in policy making and law enforcement, and exchanges of advanced technology and equipment.

        Deng Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, and Cai Weiming, Chinese Charge d’Affaries ad Interim to Israel, participated in the related activities.